Haus Lensnack

Haus Lensnack was built in 1909-10 for Jacob Jebsen, the son of ship owner Michael Jebsen, a local personage: enterprising ship owner, cosmopolitan executive and committed to the Danish/German identity issue.

He was also senator of Aabenraa, which at the time was part of Schleswig-Holstein and thus Germany until the Reunification in 1920.

In 2018, Michael Jebsen’s more than 100-year-old house, Haus Lensnack, in Aabenraa became a listed property because it, according to the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, constitutes “a prominent and well-preserved example of a luxury villa in Southern Jutland from the German period.”

Haus Lensnack is situated in the centre of a large, hilly plot of land with a view of Aabenraa Fjord close to where the city gives way to the countryside.

The grounds were landscaped at the time of the house’s construction in 1909, and around the house they are characterised by more formal gardens, including e.g. a rose garden, with baroque features east of the house and by the water south of it.