Tilting at the ring

Southern Jutland has a long tradition for tilting at the ring, which is a shared cultural heritage dating back to the old duchies of Schleswig and Holstein and thus to the Reunification.

It began in 1896 – and can even be traced all the way back to 1838 – and the sport that is unique to the region can be described as a South Jutlandic version of the Roskilde Festival.

The 125-year anniversary will be celebrated on Ringriderpladsen (tilting at the ring site) on the day the Tour de France passes through Aabenraa. The folk festival lasts four days and includes tilting at the ring, a funfair, drinking and dancing. Aabenraa will house 300-350 riders aged four to +80 during the days of the Danish Tour de France stages.

The day the race passes through Aabenraa Municipality, the city will host a funfair, beer stands and other events on the site, but no tilting at the ring.