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We are committed to business

In Aabenraa Municipality we want local companies to have excellent conditions and to perform well. Aabenraa Municipality is both enterprising, knowledgeable, and highly committed when it comes to creating good conditions for the local business community. Do you and your company want to be a part of this environment?

    Double up on the benefits in the border region

    Our position as a border municipality is unique. Companies located in the border region are able to attract workers from both the Danish and German labor markets.

    Our position as Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe – and Europe’s gateway to Scandinavia – gives us a valued edge. A large part of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s import and export passes through, is serviced and gains added value in Aabenraa Municipality.

    Just think of the European motorway E45, which crosses the Danish/German border at Frøslev. Think of Northern Europe’s largest transport area in Padborg, where goods are stored and gain added value, and where thousands of trucks are serviced each year. Think of the intermodal terminal in Padborg, where truck containers are transshipped for freight and rolled out in Europe. Think of Southern Jutland’s thriving commercial port in Aabenraa with a depth of 12 meters.

    The municipality assigns high priority to business services, business development and cooperation with local businesses and business owners. We know that a thriving business community is an important factor in creating growth and development in our area. Therefore, we have introduced the “business pilot”, an advisor who takes growing enterprises by the hand and ensures simple and flexible case processing in connection with expansions and relocations.

    Aabenraa Municipality recognizes the great entrepreneurial potential of welfare technology – an area on which we strive to form important alliances. We want to be a pioneer in helping companies develop and test the technology required to solve future healthcare challenges, but we also see the innovation potential in the large cluster of health professionals and researchers centered around the new acute hospital in Aabenraa and the new University College South Denmark Campus.

    Do you want to cooperate on creating growth?

    Does this sound like an environment that could be interesting for you and your business? Please explore the many services and opportunities for cooperation offered by Aabenraa Municipality in the right-hand column.


    Jesper Kjærgaard, projektchef
    Tlf.: 7376 7071 -

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