Partner Jobmatch

Are you thinking of moving here because your partner has a job in Aabenraa municipality?
We activate our local business network to help you get a new job and to give you and your family a good start in Aabenraa municipality.

You get access to our network

A new job may entail many considerations and significant changes for your family - especially if your partner’s new job means that you have to move and face the challenge of finding a new and interesting job yourself. Trade associations such as Business Aabenraa and Aabenraa Erhvervsforening as well as Aabenraa Municipality and the local business life are all eager to give you the best possible start when moving to the area.

We offer to pass on your CV and your skills

• to 500 companies in the local business life via the electronic newsletter from Business Aabenraa

• to the HR manager at major companies in the local business life

• on Business Aabenraa’s website and on