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Three good reasons for relocating to Denmark!

Denmark – the home country of famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.
But what else does this small Northern European country have to offer? In Denmark you can live by the Ocean, enjoy first class working conditions and experience life in a social just country.

    1. A life between North Sea and Baltic Sea

    Hence Denmark is located between North Sea and Baltic Sea, living in Denmark means you are never far away from the beach and the ocean. This fantastic location always invites to go on maritime adventures or taking long walks at the beach.


    2. First class working conditions – also for women

    Denmark offers first class working conditions – also for women. Due to an excellent day care system for children and flexible working hours there is a fantastic work-life balance. Both partners can be working and still have enough time for their family since in Denmark one usually does not work more than 37 hours per week.


    Moreover, one can benefit from well-paid jobs, enjoy free health insurance and profit from vacation funds and qualifying training opportunities.


    3. Inclusion and social justice

    The Danish welfare state is based on a concept of justice, where “those who have the broadest shoulders have to bear the heaviest load”. There are a number of free services that are financed through taxes and duties. Everybody is for instance automatically covered by health insurance, public schools and universities are free and there is a public retirement provision (basic pension) from 67 years.


    These are just three good reasons for migrating to Denmark, however there are of course plenty more. Get inspired by the web addresses on the menu bar on the right side!


    Eva-Christine Aaen Damsleth Larsen, relocation coordinator

    Telefon: +45 2034 7382
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