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Marriage Registry Office

Before you can make an appointment to contract marriage in Aabenraa, you have to pay the case-working fee, and send colour-copies of all required documents as well as a copy of the bank-transfer receipt. You can send your documents by post or e-mail.

Please do not come to the office without having made an appointment.

    After having received your documents and the case working fee we will start the case-working. The registry office cannot start the case working before having received the case working fee. 

    When the case working is finished we will contact you and you can then make an appointment. 

    According to the Danish marriage act we charge a fee of € 120,- (870,- DKK). This fee covers the case-working, where we ensure that all conditions to enter marriage are met, and it has to be paid before the registry office will do the case-working. Please note that the marriage fee will not be refunded if you for some reason do not get married here. 

    The wedding is without further cost.

    You have to pay the case-working fee onto the following account:
    Bank: Danske Bank 
    Iban: DK2930000011961215
    Swift/BIC Kode: DABADKKK

    Please mention your surnames on the bank-transfer.

    Please notice that both partners have to come personally to Aabenraa Kommune’s Town Hall two days before the wedding appointment for registration purpose.

    The days are as follows:

    Registration Tuesday - wedding Thursday

    Registration Wednesday - wedding Friday

    Documents required (please note that the documents have to be send as colour copies)

    Please note! If you have documents from Pakistan, Nigeria, Irak or Somalia please contact us before sending in your documents.

    • Travel documents
      • EU citizens:
        • Valid passport or identity card (depending on nationality)
      • Non-EU citizens:
        • Valid passport
        • Proof of legal stay (depending on nationality) through:
          • Schengen visa or
          • Residence document / residence permit or
          • Fiktionsbescheinigung § 81, Abs. 4 along with the previous residence document / residence permit or
          • Entry stamp when entering the Schengen area or
          • the like
        • Please note – not sufficient for legal stay:
          • Duldung
          • Ausweisersatz
          • Aufenthaltsgestattung
          • or the like
    • Documentation of present name, address, citizenship and current marital-status issued by the authorities in your municipality – not older than 6 month
    • Documentation of marital-status issued by authorities in every country you have lived in during your marriageable age (or since dissolution of your last marriage) - not older than 6 month
    • If you have come as a refugee: asylum interview
    • Birth-certificate
    • If you are divorced – the final divorce decree
    • If you are a widow/widower – Death certificate
    • You do also have to fill and submit a “Notice of Marriage
    • Copy of the fee payment slip

    If you are an American soldier stationed in Germany, you also have to bring:

    • Leave order from your Commander
    • Military ID-card 
    • Affidavit from your Commander about your marital status 
    • Latest TAX-return

    Please notice!

    If your documents are not issued in Danish, German or English they must be translated by an approved translator.


    Marital status certificates, divorce-decrees and death certificates issued outside the EU (except USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) must be legalized.

    Other documents might also have to be legalized.

    Ofte stillede spørgsmål

    • Divorce-decrees and death certificates issued outside the EU (except USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) have to be legalized by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Danish or German Embassy in the country, where the decrees or the certificates have been settled. Otherwise they will not be accepted.

      If your documents were issued in a country, which is member of the Apostille
      convention ( it is enough to get an Apostille from the Ministry
      of Foreign Affairs in that country.

      Please note, that it is the original documents that must be legalized/apostillized and not a copy or translation of the document.

    • The personal registration takes place on Monday, the wedding takes place on Thursday.

      While the Registry Office is doing the final case working of your papers - this means from the day of the personal registration to the day of
      the wedding - we have to be able to get in touch with you in case we need you to come by once more.

    • Before travelling to Denmark, please make sure that you can enter and stay in Denmark legally. This includes a valid passport and a visa or a
      residence-permit for the country you are living in and for Denmark, if necessary.

      To ensure this, your passport and residence permit will be checked either at the Town Hall or at the Danish Foreigners Control Department at the
      Police-station, Toldbodvej 8, DK-6330 Padborg.

    • A wedding in Denmark requires 2 witnesses. If it is not possible for you to arrange for two witnesses, we will ensure the presence of the required witnesses.

    • According to Danish Marriage act people who do not live in Denmark cannot change their names at the wedding. Please contact your local authority to have a name-change after getting married in Denmark.

    • The wedding can be carried out in Danish, German or English. If you do not understand any of these 3 languages you must provide a translator.

    • Should you have any questions concerning details on hotels, rooms, private accommodations etc. please contact the tourist information via E-Mail: You can also check their website for further information:

    • Should you need a new marriage certificate you can contact us by E-mail ( or post and mention your names, dates of birth, date and place of the wedding.
      Also remember to state which address we should post the new marriage certificate to.

      A new marriage certificate costs € 10,-.

      You have to pay the case-working fee onto the following account: 
      Bank: Danske Bank  
      Iban: DK2930000011961215
      Swift/BIC Kode: DABADKKK

      Please mention your surnames and "new certificate" on the bankwire. 

      Please note that it takes up to four weeks before you will receive your new marriage certificate. 

      If you need a legalisation/ an Apostille on your marriage certificate, please contact the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs


    Marriage Registry Office

    Telefon: 7376 7676

    Phone hours:
    Monday-Thursday: 09.30-12.00
    Friday: closed

    Aabenraa Kommune
    Skelbækvej 2
    6200 Aabenraa

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