Legal Insurance

In Denmark, there are several statutory insurance policies that you must take out if you own a specific vehicle or animal.

Liability insurance / car insurance
If you own a motor vehicle, it is mandatory to take out a liability insurance. This insurance covers you in the event of damage and accidents for which you are liable. It may be your fault that others have been injured or their car has to be taken to a workshop.
Passengers in the car are also covered by this insurance.

Dog insurance
If you have a dog, liability insurance for your dog is also compulsory for you as the owner. This insurance covers you if your dog injures somebody or somebody else's property, for example if your dog runs in front of a car. If an accident occurs, you can expect high compensation amounts.
You must also have liability insurance if you own a horse, drone, or boat.
You must also register your dog in a dog registry.

Fire insurance
Fire insurance is compulsory insurance if you own a property. This insurance covers repairs and reconstruction of your property if a fire breaks out.
The insurance does not cover your household contents, so you should also take out household contents insurance.

Workers' compensation insurance in a company
If you hire employees to work for you - whether paid or unpaid - you must take out worker's compensation insurance. Remember, if you are the owner of the business, insurance must be taken out in order for you to be covered. Including this, the conclusion of an occupational health insurance is obligatory.

Other insurances which are not required by law - but useful

Household insurance
Although home insurance is not part of the statutory insurance policy, it is important if you want to insure yourself and your belongings.

Household contents insurance, also known as family insurance, can be viewed as a package deal that covers your household contents. Home insurance covers everything from clothing, furniture, bikes and electronics if these are stolen.
Various other insurance options can also be purchased for your household contents insurance, so that you are particularly well insured. This can be bicycle insurance and travel insurance.
In this way you are protected against burglary and fire.

Accident insurance
Accident insurance will help you in the event of an accident.
This insurance covers you and your family in the event of an accident.
You can either take out full-time accident insurance if you want to be insured 24 hours a day, or part-time accident insurance that only covers you during your free time.