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Examples on useful apps for your everyday life in Denmark
- E-boks
- NemID nøgleapp
- Bank App
- MobilePay
- Rejseplanen
- Mobilbillet
- Min Læge
- Min sundhed

Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig
Regionskontor & Infocenter
Lyren 1
DK-6330 Padborg
Tel.: (+45) 74 67 05 01
Mail: region@region.dk

If you have questions about cross-border issues such as pension payments, health insurance and double taxation, you can contact the regional office & information center.

Business Aabenraa
Storegade 30
6200 Aabenraa
Telephone: +45 73 62 20 27
Mail: post@businessaabenraa.com
Web: https://businessaabenraa.com

Are you self-employed or thinking about becoming self-employed, contact Business Aabenraa, who specialize in this.

Recruitment Officer JobGateDenmark
Maria Petersen Heesch
E-Mail: jobgatedanmark@aabenraa.dk