Rent, buy or build?

How would you like to live? In an apartment, in a terraced house or in a single family home? Would you like to rent, buy or build?
There are many things to consider when you want to move. Here are links to real estate agents, housing associations and private landlords.



Many newcomers initially move into rented accommodation rather than investing immediately in buying an apartment or house. Renting first allows you to explore your new surroundings before you decide to build or buy.

In Denmark there are a large number of housing cooperatives, as well as private landlords. You can find a selection of these in the list below.




Domea Rødekro:
Family friendly council flats in Rødekro.

Rødekro Andelsboligforening (housing cooperative):
Family friendly council flats in Rødekro

Family friendly council flats in all urban communities in the municipality.

Kolstrup Boligforening (housing association):
Many family friendly council flats in Høje Kolstrup.

Aabenraa Andelsboligforening (housing cooperative):
Many family friendly council flats in Høje Kolstrup.

Lejerbo, Tinglev:
New, modern terrace houses and bright flats.


DVB Syd:
Terrace houses in Hjordkær with own yards.

Horup Bolig:
Private tenancies in the centre of Aabenraa and Rødekro.

RWH Consult:
Idyllic and luxurious tenancies in Aabenraa and surroundings.


Various housing portals for rented tenancies:

Classified newspaper ads:
Here, small, private landlords typically advertise their tenancies.


Buying real estate

If you are sure that you would like to live permanently in Denmark and you know where you would like to live, you might consider wanting to buy a property. In the long run, this can be cheaper than renting an apartment or house. At the same time, you acquire an increase in value with the property.
Consult a lawyer, a bank and a real estate agent to see what requirements you must meet in order for you to be able to purchase a property.

There are special housing loans in Denmark, where the purchase price plus interest can be paid over the course of 10-30 years. As a prerequisite, however, the banks and real estate credit institutions require that there is an available amount in your budget.

You can find an overview of all real estate agents on our “Buy or rent?” website.

House purchase

Who can buy a house in Denmark without separate approval from Civilstyrelsen?
• Anyone residing in Denmark
• Anyone who has lived in Denmark for 5 years
• Anyone who inherited the property
• Anyone who receives the property as a gift in a straight line, ascending or descending

Every citizen
• is an employee in Denmark, a member state of the EU or the EEA, or
• would like to work independently in Denmark and
• the property must be intended for year-round use
All others require permission from Civilstyrelsen.

Real estate for sale

Plots for sale

Maybe you don't want to rent or buy, but dream of building your own home. On the map below you can see where in Aabenraa Municipality there are plots of land for sale.

If you would like more information, you can find out more on this page (in Danish) and contact our colleague in this regard.