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Marriage Registry Office

Aabenraa Kommune does not take any new applications due to new regulations from 01. January 2019.
The new law has not yet been passed, but will be published on our website, as soon as it is.

    Ofte stillede spørgsmål

    • Should you need a new marriage certificate you can contact us by E-mail ( or post and mention your names, dates of birth, date and place of the wedding.
      Also remember to state which address we should post the new marriage certificate to.

      A new marriage certificate costs € 10,-.

      You have to pay the case-working fee onto the following account: 
      Bank: Danske Bank  
      Iban: DK2930000011961215
      Swift/BIC Kode: DABADKKK

      Please mention your surnames and "new certificate" on the bankwire. 

      Please note that it takes up to four weeks before you will receive your new marriage certificate. 

      If you need a legalisation/ an Apostille on your marriage certificate, please contact the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs


    Marriage Registry Office

    Telefon: 7376 8912

    Aabenraa Kommune
    Skelbækvej 2
    6200 Aabenraa

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