Maybe you have already heard about Aabenraa Cross (Mountain Marathon), Xtrem Mandehørm (X-treme Male Adventure Run), LadyWalk, Grænseløbet (the Border Running Event) or other sports events in our area? Otherwise you certainly will!

In Aabenraa Municipality, we like running, cycling and moving. The beautiful countryside invites it and the many associations are good at arranging events where you get moving.

Sports municipality

Aabenraa Municipality was selected as one of seven sports municipalities in Denmark from 2013-16. This means that we have added even more sports and movement activities: in schools, associations, youth educations, further educations - and in your spare time.

Urban space featuring movement

You will quickly discover that it is not just the countryside of Aabenraa Municipality that encourages physical activity. The same is the case for the urban spaces. And we continue to support the movement in the coming years by focusing on our Strandpromenade, Campus Rambla as well as area renewal both in the Aabenraa town centre and in towns and communities around the municipality, such as Løjt and Rødekro.

Facilities featuring movement

You will also meet the movement in the many recreational and sports facilities in the municipality: The many sports halls and swimming pools.

Centrally located in Aabenraa you will find Arena Aabenraa which is the heart of the big campus area, Active Campus Aabenraa, linking all schools, educational institutions, cultural institutions and recreational facilities within the area. Here you will find a showroom, a swimming pool and lots of other facilities, offering a wealth of opportunities – and you can be active or a spectator at big and small events.


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