1. Seek and you shall find

Aabenraa is located at the port to Europe and whether you are looking for cultural events, buzzing city life or the calm and beauty of the Danish country- and seaside, distances are short and you can have it all.

Due to the Danish-German history you can live in an intercultural inspired environment that does include German kindergartens, schools and cultural institutions.

2. Workplaces in the health and transport sector as well as in the food industry

A new and modern hospital offers workplaces in all parts of the health sector, and furthermore Aabenraa Municipality recognizes the great entrepreneurial potential of welfare technology – an area on which we strive to form important alliances.

Our position as Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe – and Europe’s gateway to Scandinavia – gives us a valued edge. A large part of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s import and export passes through, is serviced and gains added value in Aabenraa Municipality, creating many workplaces in the transport and logistic area.

Also the food industry and educational sector are growing fields and qualified personal is always needed.

3. Beautiful surroundings at affordable prices – close to the Danish-German border

Living in and around Aabenraa is cheap, hence rent and buying prices are considerably cheaper than in other parts of Denmark.