You will immediately notice that Aabenraa and the surrounding country are a scenic area that almost begs to be used for outdoor activities. You can run or go mountain biking in the forests. Or you can go on geocaching treasure hunts with the family. You can also practice sea kayaking, kite surfing or yachting in the fiords.

100 km of shoreline

Or how about just lazing on the beaches and taking a dip in the blue ocean? Aabenraa Municipality has about ten fine beaches spread over a shoreline of 100 km, divided between Genner Bay, Aabenraa Fiord and Flensburg Fiord.

You can also take nature walks and find fungi, rare plants and birds in the nature reserves. And do not deny yourself the pleasure of the short ferry ride to the natural pearl of Barsø, the best kept secret of the Little Belt. Here you can enjoy your lunch box with a 360-degree view of the sea.

Go fishing!

You can relax by going out with your fishing rod to shores and streams. Or you can find inner peace of mind on the many hiking routes - including the pilgrimage route along the Ancient Road (Hærvejen) and the Ox Road (Oksevejen).

You can read more about the many nature experiences that await you in Aabenraa, on land and at sea. Please follow the links to the right and go explore your new area!