Why Aabenraa may evolve as a new European Data Centre Hub

Global Data Centre companies such as Google have bought big plots of land in Aabenraa. All together 416 hectares of land with reliable power supply and world-class data connections have been acquired by these two global companies.

Thus, Aabenraa may evolve into one of the preferred European hubs with big potential for the data centre industry. And here is why.

1. Reliable, green, power supply

Aabenraa Municipality is home to one of the biggest ‘power crossroads’ in Northern Europe. In Kassø, where global Data Centre companies such as Google’s data centre sites are located, much of Scandinavia’s sustainable power in the form of north-/southbound high-voltage lines (400 KV) is crossing east-/westbound high-voltage power lines (150 KV). In addition, there are obvious connection options (60 KV) at many locations in Aabenraa Municipality, e.g. in Padborg.

2. World-class data connections

Aabenraa Municipality has available capacity of reliable, high-capacity fibre connections and can e.g. offer four separate connections to the same building site, thus preventing interruption in case of cable breakdowns. Starting in 2020, the new Mermaid Connection will guarantee additional fast data connections between Scandinavia and the United States that will secure the fastest possible connection.

3. Reliable district planning

In collaboration with the data centres, landowners and the City Council, Aabenraa Municipality is developing district plans which enable construction of large data centres with an optimal location close to abundant, reliable power and with optimal fibre connections in all directions.

4. Easy, fast and confidential business service

Aabenraa Municipality delivers solid and reliable business services that are confidential and fully supported by the City Council. For global, listed companies Google, confidentiality is crucial when deciding upon their billion-dollar investments without their competitors finding out.


Jesper Kjærgaard Projektchef
jkj@aabenraa.dk tlf. 7376 7071