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Why Aabenraa

Border Region

Aabenraa Municipality is centrally located in the Danish-German border region, making Aabenraa a focal point in crossborder collaboration with Germany in all aspects. Each day 1,468 individuals commute to Aabenraa Municipality from Germany.

Due to the short distance from Aabenraa to several big cities, 370,000 jobs are within an hour’s drive away, just as Hamburg and the city’s international airport can be reached in 90 minutes.  

The citizens of Aabenraa master at least one foreign language. Most speak English, and many also speak German fluently, since Aabenraa Municipality is host to a range of German-speaking schools and institutions.

The Most Fibre-Dense Area in Europe

Aabenraa offers amble opportunity for a fast Internet connection, reliable power and water supply and green energy. In fact, Aabenraa is located in the most accessible region in Europe when it comes to Internet connections. The region has an accessibility standard of 99.9 per cent, from which companies like Apple and Google are already benefitting.

The World Energy Council has elected Denmark the world’s best energy system balancing security of supply, green transition and energy prices. 

Ease of Doing Business

Aabenraa has already shown that it masters confidentiality, speed and flexibility when international companies wish to set up in the municipality. Most recently, both Apple and Google have purchased building sites in Aabenraa.. Professionalism and flexibility are keywords for Aabenraa Municipality when collaborating with Danish and international companies. Denmark ranks first in Europe on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. And according to the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, Denmark is one of the least corrupt country in the world.


With two international and three local airports within a 90 minutes’ drive away, Aabenraa finds itself in a central location, and living and working in Aabenraa provides fast and easy access to the rest of the world. All airports offer flights to destinations all over the world. Aabenraa Municipality also houses the European logistics hub Padborg Transportcenter next to the E45 motorway and railroad lines connecting Southern Europe with Scandinavia.

Investing in Aabenraa

These years significant sums are being invested in Aabenraa. The city centre, the superhospital, a new multi-arena for large-scale sports and cultural events and a large campus are some of the targets of massive investments in Aabenraa. Focussing on the ‘Good Life’, Aabenraa strives to enhance the quality of life of its citizens. Aabenraa houses various schools and educational institutions and offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activities.

Furthermore, ambitious development plans for urban communities throughout the municipality help to make them attractive places to live.

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