Fundraising and help

This page offers information about local initiatives and a list of aid agencies raising money to help the Ukrainian refugees.

Overview of organisations receiving donations

The Volunteer Centre in Aabenraa has published the following list on their Facebook page. It contains organisations receiving donations for Ukraine:

Facebook page




Red Cross


Save the Children

UNICEF Denmark

SOS Children’s Villages


Danish Refugee Council

Mission East

Doctors Without borders (MSF)


KFUM and KFUK in Denmark

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture


In addition, various associations, Facebook groups and individuals are currently organising fundraising campaigns.

Exchange coordinating help for Ukrainian refugees

LandboSyd and ALT-HR have established an exchange that coordinates various types of help for Ukrainian refugees. It may be in the form of e.g. accommodation, food, pillows and duvets, linen, clothes, toys, toiletries, soap, washing powder etc. If you are interested in helping out, please write to

Read more about the exchange